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Welcome to HazelStreetDezigns!

I create custom, handmade streetwear clothing for 12" fashion dolls including Integrity Toys' Fashion Royalty and Nuface, among a few others. I am in no way affiliated with this or any other company; I simply collect and love to use their dolls as my fashion inspiration and models. I work at home in the beautiful state of Oregon in the United States. I have been creating doll fashions since 2010.

  • How I got my start- In 2005, I was mainly collecting Barbie and had made a few furniture pieces for myself and young family members. With a very young daughter, I decided to get out of collecting for awhile and sold most of my Barbie collection (as well as a couple sofas I had made) on eBay to fund a trip to Disneyland. Upon returning, I had several emails from people requesting more furniture! I was shocked to hear that the things I had made were so desired. I decided to make a few more to offer, which turned into 5 absolutely wonderful years of doll furniture creating. During this time, I developed connections with other local doll collectors and artisans and was introduced to the Fashion Royalty adult collector dolls. I also made a local friend who was creating fashions for 16" Tonner dolls. We had many sewing dates and she helped me learn so much toward creating fashions. My first few attempts were rough! After some practice however, I found that creating fashions was much more enjoyable and less stressful to create than furniture, so I made the switch over to fashions! I really had just intended to get 'good enough' to make some jeans for my own new collection of Fashion Royalty. But as with my furniture, online friends saw my work and wanted some of their own. So HazelStreetDezigns was born.
  • Evolution- When I first began, I offered only for 16" dolls at first because those were the patterns I had and working with larger pieces was slightly easier. Every pattern that I had was hand-created and had to be scaled down for 12" and then reworked for different bodies. My pattern creation is always an ongoing process but every pattern I have now can stem back to my original 16" patterns! Over the past 10 years, I have made pieces for several different 12" and 16" dolls and brands, but my heart and focus always comes back to Fashion Royalty. They are the most beautiful, the most posable, the most playable adult collector dolls and my absolute favorite to model my fashions.
  • The future- I'm quite content with how things are going! I recently upgraded to this brand new website and hope to be able to offer a more shopper-friendly experience. I narrowed down my focus to only creating for Fashion Royalty and completely removed 16". I have streamlined my Made to Order fashions and hope to be able to continue creating unique OOaK and Limited Edition pieces as I am inspired to make them. 

All fashions are created using brand new, stain tested fabrics. I do use some glues, fray check, and bleaching processes that may cause a slight odor when opening. I do not use perfumes or candles in my office. HSD is a 100% smoke-free environment. Pet friendly home but cat is not allowed in my office and dogs do not get near fabrics. All fabrics are stored in tubs or drawers until they are used to create your fashions.

If you are a new customer, please keep in mind that I am not a company or a factory. I am one person working from a home office, with one sewing machine and my two hands. All of my made to order fashions are not created until they are ordered, I do not keep any premade stock. Creation and shipping times will be lengthy.

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